Literacy Guidelines

  1. Each student will complete a written project in his/her major per quarter.
  2. Each teacher will teach and reinforce research using information from his/her major area.
  3. All reports must contain these elements:
    1. a thesis statement
    2. an outline
    3. body
    4. work cited page
  4. Humanities Reports must include MLA documentation;
    Social Sciences subjects will include APA documentation
  5. All students will know how to preview the text.
  6. All students will participate in SAT Prep courses.
  7. All students will participate in HSPA classes
  8. Pre-class activities will focus on HSPA and SAT
  9. All students will compose a 5 paragraph essay, according to the school guidelines
  10. Each student will develop a portfolio to include audio/visual samples of speeches, presentations, performances
  11. All students will take Honors English classes
  12. Reading and Writing skills will be emphasized throughout the content areas