Graduation Requirements


Every student must demonstrate proficiency in all the listed courses, and for the time indicated, with enough electives to total 110 credits.

  1. 20 credits for 4 years
  2. 16 credits for 4 years of Health and Physical Education. (Family Life Education is a required course for every student in New Jersey Public Schools and is included in the Physical Education Program. Career Education / career exploration is also required and is integrated into Health Education and Life Skills)
  3. 15 credits for 3 years of Mathematics
  4. 10 credits for 2 years of Science (For college - bound students, at least one or more laboratory science classes are required, as mandated by specific college's requirements)
  5. 10 credits for 2 years of United States History (U.S. History 1 and US. History II)
  6. 5 credits for 1 year Global Studies
  7. 5 credits for 1 year of Fine Arts, Practical Arts and / or Performing Arts (i.e., Industrial Arts, Vocational Arts, any vocational program, art, music, home economics or JROTC)
  8. * For college-bound students, two (2) years of a foreign language are highly recommended
  9. * Enough credits to total 110 credits - MINIMUM